The aquariums throughout the hospital are truly dazzling and were a beautiful addition to our new building. Each aquarium is a focal point where staff, visitors, and patients can stop and be mesmerized by the fascinating and original displays that are meticulously maintained. I have worked with Gazing Unlimited for years when we had one of their aquariums in our department at the old building. I found them to be warm and personable, 100% responsive to any questions or issues, and extremely knowledgeable. They really take pride in their business, and they care about their clients. Thanks, for beautifying our hospital!

Sherri B

We found Dennis about 10 years ago when our reef tank was floundering. He rehabilitated the tank and now the corals are healthy and vibrant, the invertebrates are thriving and the fish are active and healthy. The tank is a centerpiece of our home - which is what we wanted.

Dick and Peg B

Working with Dennis is great. He is incredibly knowledgeable, hardworking and friendly. Dennis is lucky in that he has found a way to do work that you can tell he is truly passionate about. His passion and work ethic combine, and the result is perfection in everything that he does.

Jenn M

We purchased a 125 gallon salt water tank and tropical fish thru Dennis and Gazing Unlimited in Feb 1997. It is the focal point in our reception area for arriving customers. Dennis has done an outstanding job in assuring that our tank is maintained in a manner which has brought high praise from customers and our employees alike. When problems have occurred he has made himself available day or night to resolve issues. I would highly recommend Dennis to individuals or companies who desire to have an aquarium or need the professional services he can provide.

Bob S

Gazing Unlimited has been servicing our large salt water tank for many years. Our fish and corals continue to thrive! The personnel are professional and competent and we look forward to their weekly visits

Kellie O

Gazing Unlimited has maintained two salt water aquaria in my office for over 21 years with exceptional quality and care. The tanks are true stress-busters -- people walk into my office and instantly relax. They set my office apart - clients always pleasantly surprised, invariably compliment how clear and healthy the tanks look, and remember them. My partners and our employees bring their kids by to say "hi" to the fish. On those rare occasions when I have needed help in a hurry, Gazing Unlimited has always been there.

Charlie L

My dad REALLY does care. While coming through the anesthesia of surgery .... his first words were about Mrs. Jane's fish.

Cody B

Serving Colorado Since 1979